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B'nai Mitzvah

In Jewish tradition, a person starts to take on the responsibilities of adulthood at the age of 13 and is called a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah (literally a son or daughter of the commandments). It is customary to mark this momentous transition by honoring a young man or woman with the opportunity to lead the community in prayer, read from the Torah, and deliver a short sermon. Our students also demonstrate their commitment to Jewish values through a mitzvah project.

The Hebrew Educational Alliance (HEA) celebrates each Bar or Bat Mitzvah with great joy. We view the period of b'nai mitzvah training as a time for the entire family to deepen their connection to our congregational community and to ensure that this milestone is a positive educational and ritual experience for the students and their families.

Our b'nai mitzvah begin their training after having gained sufficient knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish studies through our religious school or a Jewish day school education. Students work with a tutor for several months and meet with our rabbis.

The HEA provides educational programming to assist parents and students in feeling more comfortable and knowledgeable at synagogue services and in the practice of Jewish ritual at home. Our B'nai Mitzvah Family Education Program, taught by our Associate Rabbi, is a series of interactive classes on topics of interest to b'nai mitzvah and their families. Topics include The Meaning of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, How to Understand your Torah Portion, Finding Meaning and Depth in Prayer, and Living the Values of Jewish Life. This class also serves to create a community among families in the bar/bat mitzvah year.

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