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How many members does HEA have?
> 940 households.

How many families attend the religious and pre-schools?
> 350 families, many with multiple children enrolled.

How many rabbis and cantors are there?
> There are currently 2 Rabbis and 1 Cantor. Read more about them on our Clergy page.

What if I can't afford the membership dues?
> No one is ever turned away because of finances. Contact the executive director to adjust dues and fees.

How are services run? What should I expect?
> We have several different kinds of services at HEA. On Saturday morning, we have a traditional three-hour service led by one of the Rabbis and the Cantor in the main sanctuary. We also have a lively, musical two-hour service, called Shir Hadash led by one of the Rabbis and a team of singers that engage the congregation in song that meets in the Goldberger Youth Center. On Friday nights, roughly every five weeks we have the Nashira service with instruments and singing. On the other weeks, we have a traditional Friday night service that meets in the Chapel.

I'm new to Denver -- will I fit in?
> Absolutely. Our congregation is made up of a wonderful mixture of long-time Denverites and many transplants from the east coast, south, and just about anywhere in the US, and some from overseas! The Alliance is a well established (founded in 1932) over 60% of the members have joined the congregation since the southeast Denver building was completed in the mid-1990s. Many of these members are new to Denver -- just like you.

I just had a baby. Can I meet other parents? Where?
> We encourage people with infants and small children to participate in our Shabbat morning services. In addition to welcoming "little ones" into the sanctuary, we have a cry room as well as a well-supervised babysitting program. In addition, the Alliance Preschool is a great way to meet other families with young children. Finally, there's a Tot Shabbat program which is a parent and child combined service. More information is on our services page.

Are the clergy available for personal consultations when I need them?
> The clergy of the Alliance are easy to reach. Call or email Joyce at 303-758-9400 x 202 to set a meeting with a member of the clergy.

Who can I call to speak to for more information?
> All of our staff are friendly, easily approachable, and ready to answer your questions. Please see our Staff page to contact our staff directly by email or phone. You can also contact Neal Price, executive director at 303-758-9400 x 204.

How do you fit all those members in during the high holidays? Will I have a seat?
> The sanctuary, chapel and social hall located to maximize the number of seats available to the High Holidays. Nearly 2,200 can be seated at one time.

Are women allowed on the bimah? Are they able to read from the Torah?
> Women are full participants on the bimah. They, just as men, can have aliyot, read from the Torah, chant a haftorah, as well receive other bimah honors.

I know very little about Judaism -- will there be a place for me to learn more about my heritage, religion, and language?
> The Alliance offers a wide variety of educational programs for individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds. Rabbi Dollin holds an Adult B'nai Mitzvah program every-other-year that includes beginning levels of Judaic learning as well as Hebrew.

I am a convert -- will I be accepted?
> Jews by Choice are accepted equally with Jews by Birth. A number of Jews by Choice have and are serving on the Board of Directors, as Officers of the congregation, and in other leadership roles including teachers in both our religious school and Adult Education program.

Are there facilities for parties and events?
> Because the Alliance social hall was designed to be flexible, comfortable spaces are available for very small groups to dinner/dance events for over 600. The Alliance has a professionally equipped kitchen that can accommodate large groups.

Is the Kosher catering available?
> The Alliance has a flexible catering policy with both an in-house caterer Cohen's Cuisine, and the availability to use other Denver area caterers who do kosher catering.

How many weddings and bar mitzvahs are performed each year?
> Between 10-15 weddings are held at the Alliance each year. Between 40-55 b'nai mitzvah each year. Approximately 2/3 of the b'nai mitzvah are celebrated on Shabbat morning, with 1/3 held at the Shabbat mincha/maariv service.

What neighborhood is the shul in? Is it easy to find?
> The HEA is conveniently located in southeast Denver. The synagogue is one block wet of I-25 and two blocks south of Hampden Ave. See a map and get directions on our contact page.

Is babysitting available during services?
> There is babysitting at Shabbat and Festival morning services. Also, babysitters are available for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services.

Is there a room for young families during services?
> Infants and young children are welcomed into the sanctuary for services. If the little ones get a bit too noisy, there is a cry room adjacent to the sanctuary where families can see and hear the service, but where children's noises will not interfere with worship. Following the Torah reading and the sermon, many young families join their little ones in the babysitting room for a weekly Tot Shabbat program. More information is on our services page.

What if I know someone who is ill?
> Let us know! The HEA is a very caring and welcoming congregation. If the person is hospitalized, the rabbis of the congregation want to visit. If at home, we want to be able to call and talk to them. Also, we would like to add their names to the Mishaberach list and include them in our prayers for healing. We want to be able to acknowledge the illness, including them as part of the service and help in any way we can. Visit the Hesed (caring) page for more details.

What if I suffer a loss in my family?
> Let us know! The HEA is a very caring and welcoming congregation. Neal Price is the emergency contact for the HEA. You may call him at 303-758-9400 x 204 or email him. Neal will contact you to guide you and he will also contact the clergy. We want to help in any way we can. Visit the Hesed (caring) page for more details.

How do I schedule a bris, baby naming, bar mitzvah or a wedding?
> Contact either Deb, Assistant to the Executive Director 303-758-9400 x 215 or Neal Price, Executive Director 303-758-9400 x 204.

What if my spouse is not Jewish? Will my family be welcome?
> Yes, all households in which at least one adult is Jewish are welcome to affiliate with the HEA. Non-Jewish spouses are welcome to participate as much or as little as they would like. We have non-Jewish spouses who are actively involved in congregational life, including serving on committees, while others choose to participate infrequently or not at all. We are sensitive to the dynamics of each and every household.

What if someone in my family needs accommodations?
>HEA prides itself on building an inclusive community. We work closely with members to provide necessary accommodations to ensure full participation in our programs and events. Please call the office if you or a loved one needs accommodations to participate in any programs or events.


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