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Hebrew Educational Alliance preschool
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Paige Anthony (Floater)

Matthew Barrett (3 year-olds)

Nicole Day (Floater)

Becky Fairley (Toddlers)

Shari Goldstein (3 year-olds)

Jill Kark (Floater)

Staci Kentworthy (2 year-olds)

Xochitl Moody (Floater)

Christine O'Keefe (2 year-olds)

Rebecca Paradis (3 year-olds)

Ava Philippus (3 year-olds)

Shira Teed (2 year-olds)

Sylvia Wolpa (Pre-K)

Dani Wynn (Hebrew Development)

Marjorie Yinger (Pre-K)

Talia Zall (2 year-olds)

Meri Zuckerman (Toddlers)

If you have question about our program, need forms, pricing information, or would like to set an appointment for a school visit please call Stacy Wasserman or Jamie Lambert in the preschool office.


schedule visit

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