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puerto rico relief fund

HEA Puerto Rico FundWe are reminded during the holiday of Sukkot of the fragility of life and the world. In the past month, many communities around the world have been ravaged by natural disasters, most recently Puerto Rico, leaving the island entirely without electricity, 60% without water, and has destroyed 80% of all crops.

One of the mitzvot of Sukkot is to invite ushpizin, both real and imaginary guests, into our Sukkot for meals. 

Please consider inviting an individual or a family from Puerto Rico into your Sukkah this year as a way of raising tzedakah for the Puerto Rico relief effort. HEA will be working with the Jewish community of Puerto Rico, helping in the relief effort in the coastal town of Loiza. 

How it works:

Make a donation and choose how many Puerto Rican ushpizin you will welcome into your Sukkah:

  • $18 host one person
  • $36 host a couple
  • $72 host a family of four
  • $180 host an extended family
  • Other amount

Come by Stanley Market on October 8 or Religious School/Preschool anytime between Neilah and the end of Sukkot, and show your donation confirmation and you will receive paper people to add to the HEA Sukkah so that our Sukkah can be filled with ushpizin.

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